Welcome to the icy volcanic cone of Kibo, in Kilimanjaro National Park - the highest freestanding mountain on earth. Rising approximately 16,100 feet (4,900 m) from its base to 19,341 feet (5,895 m) above sea level, this mountain is every paraglider’s dream. Buckle up your harness and double-check your lines, to join us on a free flying journey from the capstone of Africa.

10 Tips for Launching a Paraglider Safely at Altitude

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Follow the hike & fly expedition currently on the mountain in real time; 23-29 Sep 2017.


Hike & Fly from Africa's highest mountain, Kilimanjaro awaits!


Specialist expeditions for qualified paragliding pilots and their hiking friends. These are not standard Kilimanjaro hikes and should not be compared to standard hiking packages - its tailored to the needs of paragliding pilots wanting to fly from Kilimanjaro. Complete package from start to finish in partnership with Tanzania National Parks and with all necessary authorizations in place.

A special thanks to Kilimanjaro National Park and Tanzania National Parks for their support and collaboration, and for preserving and protecting this special place in Africa.

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Hiking & Flying in Africa since the 80's

"Freedom!", Join Namibia's paragliding legend, Chris Lotter, on an incredible 'armchair' journey from the icy glaciers of Mt Kilimanjaro to the dusty town of Moshi.

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10 Tips for Launching a Paraglider Safely at Altitude

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Have you ever dreamed of flying off Kilimanjaro?

This is your chance!


First landing away from the designated turkey patch at your local paragliding school, then onto small cross country flights from the local valley where you regularly fly. Those first few adventures have led you on more adventurous flights and now even to far flung destinations across the world.


The definition of adventure is to start something knowing the outcome is uncertain. Paragliding allows one to truly fly like a bird,  it gives us the opportunity to explore places and meet people we could not have dreamed even existed. Got butterflies in your stomach? Well, read on! You too can Paraglide off Kilimanjaro!