It is possible to paraglide from the top of Mt Kilimanjaro safely and legally. We provide specialist expeditions for paragliding pilots to make this amazing experience a reality. Experience the highest top to bottom free flight anywhere on earth - Africa awaits!

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Paragliding from the summit of Kilimanjaro, the highest free standing mountain in the the world, is an incredible experience! The dormant volcano rises more than 5,100m above the plains below, rewarding you with a 90 min flight over some of the most unique and diverse terrain anywhere in the world.


The guided multi-day hike to the top is tough but very rewarding. While on the mountain tented accommodation with 3 meals per day, full porter service to carry your gear and paraglider to the top are included. We provide a comprehensive package which is tailored specifically for paragliders to maximize success-rate with up to 3-day window for launching from the summit on most trips. Make the most of your time in East Africa - Wildlife safari, Beach/Island and other flying adventure add-on options are available.


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