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Free fly across the African skies from a dizzy height – arguably, the highest top to bottom flight on earth – Mt Kilimanjaro! Within a week of climbing you reach the highest point in Africa, Uhuru Peak (5,895m/19,341ft ASL), and get to view the warm orange glow of the sunrise over Africa. See the brightest star-filled night skies from our well-provisioned camp, providing you with a home base while on the mountain. Enjoy delicious Tanzanian cuisine from succulent fruit to aromatic dishes along with a steaming cup of tea.  From the lush rainforest teeming with birdlife, monkeys, and some antelope to the alpine desert on the higher slopes the scenery is ever-changing as you climb towards the icy summit. It is an incredible experience with fascinating cultural and mountaineering encounters that will push your boundaries. If you are looking for a new challenge, this one is for you!

Free fly across the African skies from a dizzy height

Expedition Outline

Style: Fully supported high altitude hike & fly paragliding expedition

Elevation: 5,895m/19,341ft ASL

Duration: Scheduled 10 day expeditions. Bespoke private options on request.

Arrive in Tanzania:

Your African adventure starts at Kilimanjaro International Airport where we will pick you upon arrival and take you to our team hotel to meet the rest of the Paraglide Kilimanjaro hike and fly expedition members and overnight. If you wish to arrive a day or so earlier, we can arrange for your additional night accommodation.

Depart home:

After a super adventurous time with like-minded people, you will most probably be reluctant to say goodbye. If you are not extending your stay by joining one of our safaris, we will drop you off at the airport in time for your return flight home on the last day.


You will spend most of your nights under canvas at our well-provisioned camp providing you with a home base while on the mountain. We supply and transport alpine tents to sleep in, sleeping mats, mess tents, crockery & cutlery, etc. Our crew will set up all the tents so you can expect to find your tent ready, with your personal gear next to it when arriving in camp after a hard day’s climb.

Before and after your climb enjoy staying at our comfortable team hotel located within walking distance from our preferred landing site. Each spacious room has en-suite facilities, air conditioning, TV, and coffee making facility. The hotel has a restaurant, well-stocked bar, pool, WiFi, and offers massage treatments and bicycle rental. The hotel is also close to the shops where you can stock up on arts & crafts, explore fabulous coffee shops, or wander about to take in the sights, smells, and sounds of the bustling town and its residents.


Enjoy delicious Tanzanian cuisine prepared by our expedition chef – from succulent fruit to aromatic dishes along with a steaming cup of tea while you are on the mountain. Once back from the mountain we head out to great restaurants or dine in at the hotel – depending on how action-packed the day was. We cater according to most dietary preferences and we will check with you at the time of booking (vegan, halal, vegetarian, allergic to nuts, etc.). Local drinks, such as coffee, are worth a try since this area was the central—and only—hub for all coffee milling and sales until fairly recently, here in the northern part of Tanzania on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru. Tanzanian brew beers are tasty with Kilimanjaro Larger, Serengeti Larger, and Safari Larger enjoyed on a hot day.



All Paraglide Kilimanjaro scheduled departures are led by qualified and experienced Kilimanjaro mountain and paragliding guides to aid pilots in paragliding & mountaineering aspects. This ranges from weather forecast/observations, advice on flying conditions, retrieve options, and valuable insights into this iconic mountain’s fauna & flora while leading the way. Our guides are very experienced with some having summited more than 400 times! They are specifically trained in high-altitude guiding techniques and medical emergencies. We also carry additional medical and safety equipment for extra support on our Paraglide Kilimanjaro expeditions.

Our expedition crew will assist in transporting your paragliding equipment and hiking/personal gear up the mountain. Over and above your paragliding and personal gear, we provide and transport sleeping tents, sleeping mats, mess tents, food, etc. Our crew will set up all the tents and you can expect to find your tent ready, with your personal gear next to it when arriving in camp after a hard day’s climb. We support the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) who works to ensure the working conditions are improved for porters and also ensure the fair treatment guidelines are met.

Flying & no flying... what to do?

Flying from Kilimanjaro is arguably the highest top to bottom flight you can do anywhere on earth with one glorious glide lasting about 90 minutes! Launch conditions vary and can be extreme. As well as full weather and flight briefings, our team supports you all the way both on the ground and in the air. Though our team will make every effort to support a successful and safe expedition, if the weather is not conducive to safe flying we cannot guarantee that you will be able to paraglide. Every summit of Africa’s highest mountain is a massive achievement in itself and we always celebrate it!

After a successful flight from Kilimanjaro, we have plenty of sightseeing to do – from hiking rainforests, swimming in waterfalls, visiting wildlife sanctuaries, to simply relaxing at the pool exchanging paragliding stories. Though, our Paraglide Kilimanjaro team is always keen to get airborne if the weather is flyable, in which case we will venture to our favorite flying sites nearby – often rewarding us with excellent XC opportunities. 


Fitness & Experience

A reasonable fitness level will get most hikers to the top. However, to enjoy the experience and maximise your chance of success, a good fitness base is required. Our fabulous mountain crew will do the heavy lifting with a dedicated team of porters carrying your personal gear and moving camp each day. A hiking fitness sufficient to carry your own small day pack of around 7 to 10kg and be able to move for several hours at a stretch with short stops every hour would be required. Upon booking, we provide you with gear & training guidance.

Paragliding at high altitude requires skill and experience. Our expeditions are open to autonomous qualified and experienced pilots. We screen each pilot/tandem passenger for their experience on a case-by-case basis and if you have the needed experience we are happy to have you onboard and will help you prepare for this amazing adventure in Africa. Onboard our expeditions you travel with like-minded people – paragliders!

Temperatures are generally hot and humid at the foothills and drop below zero closer to the summit. Hiking and flying at an altitude of 4,000m ASL and more can be very cold. Our detailed packing list will help you prepare for the best and the worst weather whilst hiking & flying.


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