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A throwback to 2011 - first legal Paragliding flights from Kilimanjaro. 

The magic happened on 16 September 2011 when a group from Southern Africa successfully paraglided from Kilimanjaro. Andrew Smith (South Africa), Chris Lotter (Namibia) and tandem pilot Pierre Carter with passenger Marianne Schwankhart. Thank you to the Tanzanian Authorities for making this possible!
Other team members on this expedition were Jeff Wishnie (USA), James Braid (SA), Jeremy Holdcroft (SA), Alistair Stuart (SA), Linda Willemse (SA), Guy Pitman (SA), Samantha Braid (SA), Kyle O'Donogue (SA), Matthew Rosmarin (SA), Samuel Rousseau (NAM), Dawson Chonjo, Steven Mtui, Joel Maya &  Joseph Bareli along with 55 other mountain crew inclusive of porters, cooks etc. Linda Willemse started negotiating for the rights to legally fly from Kilimanjaro back in 2001 with Pierre Carter joining forces later years for his 7Summits7Flights quest. They received the official permission from the Tanzanian Authorities in 2010 and a year later the whole team stood on the summit of Africa's tallest mountain - Kilimanjaro!

Cross Country Magazine’s Charlie King Paraglides from Kilimanjaro!


Charlotte (Charlie) King, Cross Country Magazine’s news editor, became the first British woman to successfully fly from Kilimanjaro on 27 September 2017! She was part of our Paraglide Kilimanjaro expedition. All of the pilots on the expedition flew from Kilimanjaro's summit, a 100% success! 3 times Red Bull X-Alps athlete, Pierre Carter, from South Africa, Harri Eskelinen from Finland, Giovanna Poletti from Italy, Clive Williams from the UK and Matias Gomez hailing from Spain all flew off. Dawn Sarasin, a passionate mountaineer, flew as a tandem passenger along with Pierre Carter. The Paraglide Kilimanjaro ground crew was managed by Linda Willemse & Alistair Stuart. Leading them on the mountain were the experienced mountain guides Dawson Chonjo, Steven Mtui and Robinson Massawe along with an army of porters, cooks and other trekking staff.

We just had to put some fitting music to it, and felt that "Peponi" by ThePianoGuys & Alex Boye ( sums up of the strong feelings you encounter when flying from the capstone of Africa! Thank you for allowing us to use a snippet of your work Mark & ThePianoGuys team! 
Charlie (as she is fondly known in the paragliding community), chose to fly off with a BGD Echo XS paraglider as it offers easy handling along with an ultralight harness, the Sky Paragliders Sky Crux. Her Syride Sys’nav offered the needed navigation assistance and she beautifully captured the moment with her GoPro!

“FREEDOM !” - Chris Lötter’s story


Namibia's paragliding legend, Chris Lötter, flew off Kilimanjaro September 2011. When asked what inspired him to take up paragliding his answer was short and sweet: "Freedom!". Enjoy an incredible 'armchair' journey with him from the icy glaciers of Mt Kilimanjaro to the dusty town of Moshi.