The Chronicles of Kilimanjaro

free flying across the African skies

Cross Country Magazine’s Charlie fly form Kilimanjaro

with Charlie King

Charlotte (Charlie) King, Cross Country Magazine’s news editor, became the first British woman to successfully fly from Kilimanjaro on 27 September 2017!


We felt that the video required music fitting for this phenomenal moment. A big thank you to ThePianoGuys and Alex Boye ( for letting us use their song ‘Peponi’ which finely encapsulates the vivid emotions you experience when flying from the tallest mountain in Africa. Another special thanks to Mark for allowing us to use a snippet of this captivating work!


Charlie (as she is fondly known in the paragliding community) chose to fly off with a BGD Echo XS paraglider as it offers easy handling along with an ultralight harness, the Sky Paragliders Sky Crux. Her Syride SYS’Nav offered the required navigation assistance and she beautifully captured the moment with her GoPro!

To read the Charlie’s full story, request a back issue with Cross Country Magazine for Edition 186.


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