Paraglide Kilimanjaro offers a comprehensive package, we take care of you from the time that you arrive until your departure. Herewith more on what we provide...

Specialist expeditions for qualified paragliding pilots. These are not standard Kilimanjaro hikes and should not be compared to standard hiking packages - its tailored to the needs of paragliding pilots wanting to fly from Kilimanjaro. Complete package from start to finish in partnership with Tanzania National Parks and with all necessary aviation authorizations/and other permissions in place. Yes, we take care of all the ‘red tape’ and tedious paperwork!


All Paraglide Kilimanjaro scheduled departures are led by qualified and experienced Kilimanjaro and Paragliding guides. The paragliding guide will aid pilots with all paragliding related aspects including weather forecast/observations, advice on flying conditions, retrieve options etc. - while the accredited mountain guide provides valuable insights into this iconic mountain in Africa and leads the way.


While on the hike, porters will assist in transporting your paragliding equipment and hiking/personal gear up the mountain. Over and above your paragliding and personal gear, we provide and transport sleeping tents, sleeping mats, mess tents, food etc. Our camp guides will setup all the tents and you can expect to find your tent ready, with your personal gear next to it, when arriving in camp after a hard day’s slog. As an adventurer in a foreign country you get to experience fantastic Tanzanian cuisine prepared by our mountain chefs with breakfast and dinner served in the mess tent (lunch is often pre-packed for the day). It’s a fact that some of our guests have actually gained weight on the trips because the food is that good!


To keep track of your progress, and for you to let the outside world follow you, we issue all pilots with live tracking. Thus logging your actual GPS position, altitude and speed while uploading the data via internet to our webpage. Keeping track of your position nallows friends and family follow your journey every step of the way!


Rising approximately 16,100 feet (4,900 m) from its base to 19,341 feet (5,895 m) above sea level, this mountain is every paraglider’s dream. Buckle up your harness and double-check your lines, to join us on a free flying journey from the capstone of Africa!


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