The Chronicles of Kilimanjaro

free flying across the African skies

Season Highlights


We had more mountaineers & paragliders return to high altitude after the Coronavirus pandemic. Though some of these team members had to wait over two years before boarding the plane to Tanzania. And yes! The long wait was rewarded with successful summits and getting airborne.

On 13 September 2022, the expedition party headed up to the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro. Due to challenging weather conditions on the day only one paragliding pilot, Jonathan Koehler, was able to launch and all the way to the town of Moshi. Three of the team members hung around for a long time before snatching up a short window to glide from the crater rim down to the saddle near Kibo base camp. These three pilots, Lothar Schmidt, Aubrey Iversen & Ben Arnold, then re-joined fellow party members Isabelle Nallet & Elisabeth Bässler on foot to exit the park. The expedition was supported & led by Linda Willemse, Ben Arnold, Dawson Chonjo, Steven Mtui, Robinson Massawa and Cosmas Kuweta, along with 30 other mountain crew inclusive of porters, cooks etc.

The adventurists enjoyed more hiking & flying in Tanzania with the Paraglide Kilimanjaro team where Isabelle flew at cloud base, Aubrey stayed aloft for a long time and Lothar enjoyed a scenic cross country flight. before heading back home to America, Reunion, Europe and beyond. Congratulations to whole the team and thank you for choosing to adventure with us! What an incredible adventure with fabulous people! Hope to see you back in Africa soon!


Enjoy a wildly fun ‘armchair’ journey of this expedition team’s adventure in Tanzania – Watch the Video

The one that got away...

Watch the video of Jonathan Koehler’s flight from Kilimanjaro, CLICK HERE

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