Hike & fly expeditions for paragliding pilots that go beyond the ordinary

Real Hike & Fly Safaris in Africa

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Go beyond Kilimanjaro with us – Hike & Fly, Bike & Fly, safari adventures and exploring! Soar from the top of an active volcano, go wild and camp under the stars, meet the people of Africa and take your adventures to the next level. The only limit is your imagination. 

Our fully supported hike & fly safaris are ideal not only for adventurous paragliding pilots but also their non-flying friends or family.

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Join one of our scheduled departures, ideal for individuals to join, or enjoy a private bespoke expedition for you and your friends
Let’s start plan your flying safari in Tanzania today! – fans of undisputedly the greatest adventures on the African continent!

Hike & fly expeditions for paragliding pilots that go beyond the ordinary

Paraglide Kilimanjaro specialises in quality small group expeditions and bespoke holidays for paragliding pilots and their non-flying friends. Our adventures in Tanzania take you from the snows of Uhuru Peak to the grasslands of the Serengeti filled with wild animals and beyond on exploration style hike and fly expeditions for the true adventurer seeking a unique experience. 


We are a team of experienced paragliders, travel professionals and mountaineers with a shared passion for raw and riveting free flight adventures off some of the world’s highest mountains. Our team strongly believes that travelling is all about the experience and it’s the details that set us apart.  From the route that gets you there and where you spend the night, to the people that look after you and the adventures you experience along the way – we look after all the details. Drawing on over 20 years of experience combined with our extensive local and operational knowledge we offer our guests the very best experience possible. Comprehensive packages from start to finish with specialist guiding.


We take like-minded adventurers on unforgettable wilderness, mountaineering and paragliding journeys that go beyond the ordinary.


The Chronicles of Kilimanjaro



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Our fully supported hike & fly safaris take you to some of the most remote parts of Tanzania, far from the standard tourist routes, and are ideal not only for adventurous paragliding pilots but also for their non-flying friends or family. From incredible wildlife sightings, camping under the African sky, and meeting interesting local tribes, to flights over the vast plains for the paragliders – this is an African wilderness experience like no other! Join one of our scheduled departures or enquire for a bespoke expedition.

We offer scheduled departures to climb Kilimanjaro and fly off. Our expeditions are specifically tailored for paragliders and are not standard expeditions. Non-flyers are welcome to join!

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Our 'KFC' Tanzania Paragliding Safari

We absolutely enjoyed taking these 5 Kiwi’s on a real African adventure in Tanzania. Talented filmmaker, Richard Sidey, put this production together of their paragliding safari with

Daniel (Dan) Clearwater first contacted us in 2017 after he read about Charlie King’s flight from Kilimanjaro with us. A few years later he was on board our safari & climb in Tanzania. Read all about his experience in the latest Cross Country Magazine Ed 212.


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Thank you for visiting us on the web... though we prefer an in-person encounter. Leaving one's comfort zone to experience something new can be wildly fulfilling. It exposes you to new cultures, mouth-watering aromas, insight into different perspectives, and unique experiences. Growing up on the African continent and adventuring around the globe myself, I firmly believe Tanzania remains unique and will not disappoint the intrepid adventurer! Tanzania's borders are open for visitors and our team is looking forward to seeing you in Tanzania for some proper adventuring soon!

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