Welcome to the icy volcanic cone of Kibo, in Kilimanjaro National Park - the highest freestanding mountain on earth. Rising approximately 16,100 feet (4,900 m) from its base to 19,341 feet (5,895 m) above sea level, this mountain is every paraglider’s dream. Buckle up your harness and double-check your lines, to join us on a free flying journey from the capstone of Africa.

Information pack

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with below in preparation for your hike & fly adventure with us.

Paraglide Kilimanjaro Expedition
08 - 17 September 2022

Ben Arnold

Ben is a paragliding addict with a passion for all forms of the sport, but his first love is hike and fly. Ben spent many years living and working as a helicopter pilot in Kenya and Tanzania which has given him an intimate understanding of the weather patterns and areas that we operate in. Ben is also a registered paragliding instructor. When he is not paragliding, Ben spends his time trail running, climbing and exploring mountains, kite boarding, mountain biking and adventure racing.

paragliding kit list

– What you need to bring


– We do provide emergency oxygen on our Kilimanjaro climbs.

– A map of Kilimanjaro will be given to you at briefing.

– Please refer to your final travel documents for further details.


– Radio 

Transmit frequency range: 144 – 148 Mhz / Receive range: 136.00 – 173.995 Mhz
and / or
Transmit/receive: 141.600 MHz (ch1) and 

141.625 MHz (ch2) FM band

– Mobile phone (WhatsApp & SMS)

GPS files

GPS co-odinates will be shared with you closer to to the time of travel to upload on your navigation device.


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