We are looking forward to taking you to the icy snowcap of Mt Kilimanjaro soon. Please take a moment to go through the Expedition Information below as this will help you prepare for your Tanzanian adventure.


We know that the amount of information available on climbing Kilimanjaro can be overwhelming.


To make it easier for you, we have put together a simplified guideline for you to follow which has been helping hikers to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain for over 23 years. We have also included some handy information for the Tanzanian wildlife safari.

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with below in preparation for your adventure with us.

Paraglide Kilimanjaro Expedition
08 - 17 September 2022

Africa awaits!

Thank you for booking with us. Our team is looking forward to taking you up Mt Kilimanjaro and have you experience thee wild side of Tanzania - from new cultures, mouth watering aromas, insight into different perspectives, incredible scenery and unique experiences. Growing up on the African continent and adventuring around the globe myself, I firmly believe Tanzania remains unique and will not disappoint the intrepid adventurer!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Tanzania for some proper adventuring soon! Until then, please feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions or need more guidance while preparing for your adventure.
Linda Willemse

Tanzania general information

What you NEED to know!
– Ban on plastic carrier bags (from 1 June 2019)
– Passport, visa & health requirements (Covid, Yellow Fever, Malaria etc.)
– Money & tipping
– Power plugs, climate & other handy information
Packing for safari

Medical Information when Climbing Kilimanjaro

– Altitude sickness
– Non-Altitude related medical conditions which may be experienced on Kilimanjaro
– Suggested medical kit


– What we provide
– What you need to bring

Equipment Hire

– Equipment rental is available, enquire for item list & prices.

Suggested Training Program for Climbing Kilimanjaro

– Fitness preparation

– Nutrition

– Mental approach

photography & videography

– Gimbal mount rental on safari 
– Free bean bag usage on safari

– Filming & drone permits: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY 

Our Mountain Cuisine

Enjoy Tanzanian cuisine styled meals during your hiking and climbing escapade. Meals are prepared by our Kilimanjaro chefs and designed to nourish your body, refuel your energy levels, and excite your pallet. Relish in a new dining experience as you journey up Africa’s highest peak.


Wake up to your choice of a steaming cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate paired with a selection of fruit that will boost your metabolism for the day’s activities. Delight in a breakfast generally consisting of oats, eggs, toast, sausages, and a bowl of traditional Tanzanian Ulezi cereal that will shift your body into adventure gear.


Shorter hiking days allow for sit down lunches along with incredible vistas, while longer hiking days will be paired with packed lunches to munch on route. Lunches generally consist of an assortment of filling sandwiches that vary each day. These sandwiches consist of either chicken, tuna, beef, or cheese, and come with delightful snacks such as biscuits and chocolates to cleanse that sweet tooth. A special lunch of hot chicken and chips with a traditional Tanzanian onion and tomato kachumbari are often served on one of the last days to warm up the body. Varieties of hot, chunky and delicious soups will also be on the menu. Lunch on summit day calls for a celebration with cakes, traditional sultana, and pancakes.


Dinner is prepared with the intention of healing your muscles and replenishing your body after a long days trek. Relax and savor the fantastic flavours of pasta based dishes such as spaghetti bolognaise, our famous beef chilli with rice, chicken and mash potatoes, macaroni, beef korma, and an addition of fresh organic vegetables. Dessert consists of an assortment of refreshing, sweet fruit and a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate to warm the body before bed.

Dietary requirements

We do cater for special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, Halal or if you are allergic to nuts etc. Please inform us well in advance should you have any special requirements.


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