We are looking forward to taking you on the paragliding safari soon. Please take a moment to go through the Expedition Information below as this will help you prepare for your Tanzanian adventure.


We know that the amount of information available on visiting Tanzania can be overwhelming.


To make it easier for you, we have put together a simplified guideline for you to follow which has been helping pilots on board our hike & fly safaris in Africa’s.

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with below in preparation for your adventure with us.

Eastern Arc Hike & Fly Safari
02 - 08 September 2022

Ben Arnold

Ben is a paragliding addict with a passion for all forms of the sport, but his first love is hike and fly. Ben spent many years living and working as a helicopter pilot in Kenya and Tanzania which has given him an intimate understanding of the weather patterns and areas that we operate in. Ben is also a registered paragliding instructor. When he is not paragliding, Ben spends his time trail running, climbing and exploring mountains, kite boarding, mountain biking and adventure racing.

Tanzania general information

What you NEED to know!
– Ban on plastic carrier bags (from 1 June 2019)
– Passport, visa & health requirements (Covid, Yellow Fever, Malaria etc.)
– Money & tipping
– Power plugs, climate & other handy information
Packing for safari


– Radio 

Transmit frequency range: 144 – 148 Mhz / Receive range: 136.00 – 173.995 Mhz

– Mobile phone (WhatsApp & SMS)

GPS files

– Access the GPS co-ordinates / files to upload onto your GPS for navigation on board our Paraglide Kilimanjaro Expedition.

– Other site GPS co-odinates will be shared by your guide locally with site briefings.


paragliding kit list

– What you need to bring

photography & videography

– Gimbal mount rental on safari 
– Free bean bag usage on safari

– Filming & drone permits: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY 

Africa awaits!

Thank you for booking with us. Our team is looking forward to taking you on a hike & fly adventure in the wild side of Tanzania - from new cultures, mouth watering aromas, insight into different perspectives, incredible scenery and unique experiences. Growing up on the African continent and adventuring around the globe myself, I firmly believe Tanzania remains unique and will not disappoint the intrepid adventurer!

We are looking forward to seeing you in Tanzania for some proper adventuring soon! Until then, please feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions or need more guidance while preparing for your adventure.


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