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Before Travelling

Tanzania is a malaria area and malaria prophylaxis are recommended. A yellow fever inoculation and certificate must be obtained a minimum of 10 days before departure and is valid for 10 years. Consult your medical practitioner and/or travel doctor for any medical advice.

On the Mountain

Some of our climbing guides have summited Uhuru Peak more than 400 times. They have literally seen it all and are regularly updated medically and trained for emergencies, especially with the symptoms and treatment of altitude sickness. Even if it means a daunting down-hill ride on the ‘Kili-Ambulance’ to where one can be safely airlifted and transferred to one of the nearby hospitals, either Moshi Hospital or Nairobi Hospital (both of a good standard), you are in good hands.

When it comes time to fly off Kilimanjaro staff on the ground are able to keep track of each pilot via our live tracking system. If something should go amiss, there are trained personal on standby with an emergency evacuation plan (including air assistance if necessary).  However, each pilot remains responsible for themselves and their decisions, normal paragliding and flight rules apply.

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