The Chronicles of Kilimanjaro

free flying across the African skies

Lake Natron

by Dawn Sarasin

Our Paraglide Kilimanjaro adventures are not limited to Mt Kilimanjaro. We take like-minded paragliding pilots and their non-flying friends off the beaten track to experience some of the best wildlife areas in Africa – incorporating paragliding activities, hiking, game drives, cultural encounters and enjoying unique local cuisine. If you are going to drag your paragliding gear halfway around the world you may as well make the most of your visit!

On this occasion we head to Lake Natron in the heart of the Tanzanian Rift Valley. This authentic experience included an inspiring visit with the Maasai living in the Lake Natron area, some fantastic game viewing, and a hike and fly excursion to spread their wings. Adventurer Dawn Sarasin captured the adventure beautifully on film.

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