The Chronicles of Kilimanjaro

free flying across the African skies

An African Adventure – a hike & fly safari with the KFC Kiwis

with Alistair Stuart

It is absolutely natural for us, as children born and raised on the African continent, to be proud of our people, landscapes and wildlife. If you enjoy flying as much as we do, you’d understand our curiosity to venture further and to share more of Africa with the adventurers joining our expeditions.

Paraglide Kilimanjaro and the “KFC” Kiwis explored the Eastern Arc Mountains in Tanzania looking for the perfect paragliding hike and fly spot. No trip is complete without spending a few days in one of Tanzania’s majestic National Parks and wow did Mkomazi National Park deliver! Watch this video compiled by Alistair Stuart, ‘An African Adventure featuring the ‘KFC’ Kiwi team and ‘Saffer Guides’ to share in their amazing experience of friendly East Africa.

**KFC – As per Mark Sedon and the rest of the Kiwi team, it stood for the ‘Kilimanjaro Financial Crises’. The team went on to summit Mt Kilimanjaro the following week but unfortunately the weather did not allow them to launch. This was Mark’s seventh summit and we were also privileged to celebrate his 50th birthday on the mountain with him together with his globe trotting friends who joined the adventure. Congratulations Mark! The image above is of him launching his paraglider into the African skies.


Our 'KFC' Tanzania Paragliding Safari

We absolutely enjoyed taking these 5 Kiwi’s on a real African adventure in Tanzania. Talented filmmaker, Richard Sidey, put this production together of their paragliding safari with

Daniel (Dan) Clearwater first contacted us in 2017 after he read about Charlie King’s flight from Kilimanjaro with us. A few years later he was on board our safari & climb in Tanzania. Read all about his experience in the latest Cross Country Magazine Ed 212.

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