Being paragliders ourselves, we help like-minded pilots fly from Africa's highest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro.

In addition, we do paragliding hike & fly adventures in Tanzania.

We get a serious kick out of making dreams come true!

Specialist expeditions aimed at paragliding pilots.

Paraglide Kilimanjaro is the child borne of a long cherished dream to paraglide from the Roof of Africa. Read more about us...

Paraglide Kilimanjaro offers quality expeditions up Kilimanjaro for experienced paragliding pilots to share and enjoy the magic of free flight from Africa’s highest mountain. Originating from ‘mamma’ Africa, our team has been hiking and flying in Africa since the late 1980’s and together with our partners have extensive experience organising hiking expeditions up Mt Kilimanjaro since the early 1990’s.

Early in 2000 we started the long process of negotiations with the Tanzanian authorities to be granted permission to legally fly off Kilimanjaro. In September 2011, our small team of pilots from Southern Africa successfully flew off Kilimanjaro, laying the foundation for the years to come.

Working closely with the Tanzanian authorities we operate paragliding expeditions on Kilimanjaro. We believe that by creating and sustaining permanent jobs through these expeditions, we can bring long-term benefits and prosperity to the friendly community around Kilimanjaro. For example for every 6 paragliding pilots joining one of our expeditions, we provide jobs for about 28 people in Tanzania.

It is also very important for us that realistic, safe and reliable operations form the core of what we do. Our philosophy is to provide paragliding pilots, and their non-flying friends, with a unique experience at a fair price. The hiking part of the expedition is suitable for even relatively novice hikers and our support crew takes care of all the services along the way. We work on a simplistic approach – if you have the needed experience and want to fly from the top, we can help to make that dream a reality! Yes, it’s that easy!

Paraglide Kilimanjaro’s team have extensive experience over many years of accumulative experience hiking and paragliding around the globe. From successful hike and fly expeditions up some of the world’s highest mountains such as Aconcagua and Albrus, to participating in world class events such as the Red Bull X-Alps and World Paragliding Championships. We also have substantial event and organising experience having been responsible for paragliding events at national air shows to extreme adventure events such as the X-Berg Challenge, National Paragliding Championships, SIV support operations and qualified paragliding instruction.

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